Coronation Street’s Stephen loses control as secret scheming fails

Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) was contemplating his next move on today’s Coronation Street (August 31st) as it looked like his scheming wasn’t going to pay off.

The returning character has been frantically trying to get his hands on mom Audrey Roberts’ (Sue Nicholls) money for weeks now, as he seems to have lost his fortune. But when Audrey made the announcement, Steven secretly remained furious.

It was the opening day of Audrey’s salon, and while the rest of the family was celebrating, David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) was teasing his uncle for repeatedly using the suit he was wearing.

Steven asked Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) to remind Audrey of the trust fund documents she hasn’t signed yet.

Verification of such paperwork would have been instrumental in Stephen’s plan to take the funds for himself, but Adam told his uncle-in-law that he could no longer, so Stephen had to talk to Audrey if he felt that way. was necessary. Steven then lied to her, explaining that Adam was actually the one who was worried about the unfinished paperwork.

Audrey was unfazed by the situation, and as the festivities continued, she finally decided to confide in daughter Gail Rodwell (Helen Worth) about her recent suicide attempt. Gayle was devastated, but the couple later shared an emotional moment when stars Nicholls and Worth put on a touching performance as the beloved characters embraced.

Platts, Coronation Street

Stephen was furious about the new development of the family. ITV

Meanwhile, Audrey opened up to the rest of the clan and revealed her new plan to leave them all equal shares in her will – except for Stephen, she said, who claimed he didn’t need to. Steven played the obedient son, faking a smile, but of course the audience knows that he really needs money, but sooner rather than later!

The news that Audrey had changed her mind about the trust fund sent Stephen into a panic, and we saw him lose complete control, expressing his anger and frustration while alone on the street. His outburst of anger resulted in his jacket being torn, which was later noticed by David’s wife Shawn (Julia Golding). So Steven found himself buying a new outfit from a thrift store and feeling more and more depressed about what he had to resort to.

After recovering, Stephen joined his family for dinner. David commented on the new suit and told his uncle that he definitely looked bolder than usual. Steven replied that it was time to take a little risk – but what does this mean for his next course of action?

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