She-Hulk Attorney At Law – Who Is Abomination?

The Abomination is one of Bruce Banner’s main rivals, and now, with his appearance in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, we might see him swap hands with Jennifer Walters. We saw Emil Blonsky’s gigantic, Hulk-sized humanoid form in The Incredible Hulk and witnessed his exemplary powers that even Banner couldn’t handle. So it’s obvious that Jennifer Walters won’t have an easy time facing the Abomination, though she’s already getting close to surpassing the Hulk in terms of strength.

In the series, we first see Emil Blonsky when Jennifer’s boss, Holden Hollyway, offers her a job and asks her to take over Emil’s case. She goes to meet him in his maximum security cell and, to everyone’s surprise, Emil seems to be a completely transformed guy, talking about peace and spirituality. But as expected of a villain like him, it was all a façade. He soon transforms into an Abomination and breaks out of his cell. And now for those who don’t know about this malevolent Marvel monster, here’s who Emil Blonsky, also known as the Abomination, is.


Emil, who later became the Abomination, worked for the British military. He had an exceptional record in the army, which made him the best of all soldiers. Due to his excellent academic performance, Emil was offered a promotion to the rank of colonel. But, he refused the hype and decided to serve on the field as long as possible.

US Army General Thaddeus Ross injected Emil with a dose of super soldier serum, after which he went to fight the Hulk and lost. Furious after his defeat, he then merged with the Hulk’s gamma irradiated blood, turning him into the monster we now know as the Abomination. He again went to battle the Hulk with his newfound powers, but the latter somehow managed to overpower him. After his defeat, the US Army took him into custody and locked him in a cryochamber. Stan Lee himself suggested that the Abomination is stronger than the Hulk’s base form. The latter was only able to defeat the former after he increased his power level due to his rage.

Abomination powers and abilities

After the gamma transfusion, the Abomination gained immense strength and surpassed several of the Hulk’s forms. But, unlike the Hulk, Abomination cannot increase his power level, which ultimately makes him weaker than the Hulk.

Since he went through the same type of mutation as the Hulk, the Abomination possesses the same type of superhuman stamina and durability as he does. Even after he has spent his days engaging in massive physical exertion, his body releases minimal amounts of fatigue toxins. External strength does not matter if the body is not able to withstand the attacks of the enemy. Well, the Abomination is able to withstand almost all kinds of artillery and energy blasts. It also has high resistance to extreme high and low temperatures.

Even if his opponent manages to wound the Abomination, his superhuman healing abilities can instantly rejuvenate him. But it is known that the Hulk has a superior healing factor compared to the Abomination. It is also resistant to human infections and viruses. The Abomination’s ability to breathe underwater and his experience with most types of military arsenal further enhance his abilities.

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