What is Kang Tae-oh’s military service date? Rising Attorney Woo actor announces September 2022 enlistment

August 31, Extraordinary Prosecutor WuActor Kang Tae-o has announced his military service date. The actor revealed the news at an online fan meeting. TikTok Stage Connect: SweeTaeOh. 28-year-old man shared that he will go to military service as an active duty member on September 20, 2022

Extraordinary Prosecutor Wu the actor has become a fan favorite and is currently enjoying the status of the hottest drama lead in the industry. He made his debut as an actor in 2013 and gained recognition for several roles. However, his international stardom only came this year with the global release of the Netflix legal drama starring Park Eun Bin.

Kang Tae-o announces his military service date at an online fan meeting with 3.3 million viewers.

I’m so glad that Jaejae was the MC at Kang Tae Oh’s fan meeting yesterday. Her energy plus Theo’s energy complement each other well.#KanteO https://t.co/j6C7FUCKZZ

The day that Kang Tae-oh’s fans were a little afraid of has finally arrived. The actor’s online meeting on TikTok became a bittersweet memory for fans when he announced his enlistment date. TikTok Stage Connect: SweeTaeOh was filled with many segments and charming moments that will remain unforgettable for fans.

The fan meeting was hosted by host JaeJae, one of the most popular artists in the industry. Viewer statistics showcased the 28-year-old’s immense global exposure, recording a peak of 3.3 million fans logging in to watch him.

Kang Tae-oh shared that on September 20, 2022, he will be enlisting in the army as an active duty soldier. He mentioned that the South Korean news outlets knew about the dates and they were almost about to leak it, but he wanted to personally let his fans know about it.

Twitter user @moonday26 also discovered the adorable way Kang Tae-oh posted letters on his fan cafe. In total, the title, consisting of four letters, indicates the date of his enrollment in military service.

At Kang Tae Oh’s official fan cafe, he only wrote letters in Korean characters. But when the titles are combined, it’s the day Kang Tae Oh enlists in the army.#KanteO https://t.co/hWvhkdJ6qH

Extraordinary Prosecutor Wu the actor performed several songs. He also danced to NewJeans. Hype boy. Announcing his military date after performing the song, the actor shared:

“I was just nervous and thought: can I do well at a fan meeting? I think yes. Thanks for the good memories. I will go into the army with a healthy heart.”

I’m worried because on September 20 he is going to serve in the army. You deserve recognition for your talent and charm! I can’t wait for your return. Cheer for you Kang Tae Oh ✨PS: 감사합니다 tiktok_stage 🥰 https://t.co/MVfo5H0Wi4

Kang Tae Oh is leaving for the army on September 20, we will be waiting for you Junho 😭 https://t.co/OKlShvhnVh

The actor also talked about Park Eun Bin’s legal drama, which was his last show before enlisting in the military. He mentioned in a past interview that despite getting “good projects”, he had no choice but to say “no” since he was due to enlist in the military.

OSEN revealed that despite being only three weeks away from enrollment, he is being bombarded with photo ops and requests for endorsements from brands. His recent Subway ad has already made a lot of noise on social media.

Kang Tae Oh’s subway commercial meets different versions of himself as a customer, it’s so extra 😭 He did the iconic seopsofandaeyo scene with Junho at the time of the order, being a military soldier and being a hakseng (student)! I love all links. https://t.co/4ZyFLz4ory

However, fans will be able to see the 28-year-old on screen while he is in the military. The actor completed filming in the film called Targetopposite Shin Hye Sun.

Meanwhile, another previous video has also started popping up on the Twitter timeline, showing the actor lovingly looking at a video message from fans.

Fan message video for Kang Tae Oh, who is about to enlist in the military. “Come back safe and sound. We will remember and wait for you.” “Look at his precious expression. 😭😭😭😭 We will be waiting for you, so take care of yourself. Let’s meet again in 2024. 😭😭😭#KanteO https://t.co/LlJDRTUPcu

All able-bodied South Korean males must enlist in the military by the age of 28. Exceptions are allowed only for well-known musicians and Olympic-level athletes.

A rare exception remains for the global phenomenon BTS, who were allowed to defer their military enlistment until the age of 30 after a new amendment to the Military Service Law was passed in 2020.

Kang Tae-o will be discharged in 2024 and is expected to return as the cute Lee Joon-ho in the series. Extraordinary Prosecutor Wu season 2.

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