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Gerard Piqué spent a lot of time with Clara Chia Marty as he and Shakira announced their breakup in early June. The 45-year-old singer and her 35-year-old husband released a joint statement saying they are separating, asking for privacy. After breaking up with “Hips Don’t Lie” singer, Gerard was spotted making out with 23-year-old Clara, and they seem to get to know each other very well. Find out more about Clara here!

After the breakup, Gerard was seen spending a lot of time with Chia. (Mutsu Kawamori/AFLO/Shutterstock)

1. Clara reportedly worked for Gerard’s film company.

While the details of how Gerard and Clara first met aren’t entirely clear, the jock reportedly had an affair with her before they started spending time together. She was reportedly a special events manager for Gerard’s television and film company Cosmos. Newsweek. She is also reportedly a student of the public relations department. Daily mail.

2. She keeps her Instagram private

Despite being seen out with Gerard, Clara seems to prefer to stay out of the spotlight. Her Instagram account is kept secret and she doesn’t reveal much about her account. Even though she is closed, several fans have started creating fake accounts to show their love for her.

3. She lives in Barcelona.

Although her posts may not be visible, Clara’s Instagram bio states that she lives in Barcelona, ​​Spain, as well as her age (23) and her motto: “Carpe Diem” which is Latin for “seize the Day.” Although her biography is the only thing that is visible, her account states that she only has one post on her Instagram.

4. She was Gerard’s girlfriend at the wedding.

Gerard and Shakira have been together for 11 years and have two children. (Greg Allen/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

While Gerard and Clara haven’t said anything about each other, it’s no doubt they’ve become very close after she was spotted in the photos (via daily mail) as his plus for the wedding in August. The two were spotted at a ceremony in Catalonia where the soccer star was dressed in a blue suit. Clara wore a rainbow dress to the event. In the photos, the couple became very close as he hugged her and they were also seen holding hands.

5. She was seen making out with him a few months after his split from Shakira.

Although little was said about their relationship publicly, Gerard and Clara were seen kissing at a music festival on August 21st. Despite the fact that Shakira and the player announced their separation more than two months ago, a source close to the singer told Hollywood Life only that it hurt her to see him kiss someone new so quickly. “Shakira I can’t believe Gerard did something like this shortly after their breakup,” they said. “Of course, no one wants their ex to kiss someone else, but she left long before they called off the relationship. Her kids are her top priority, and although they agreed not to publish for a year after their breakup, she can’t control what he does and she knows it had to happen at some point.”

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